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November 14, 201803:56 PM

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Moving to Ohio does not need to be hard! Although this process often brings countless days spent overthinking all the finest details of the move, with one of the most trustworthy Columbus moving companies, all of this is a thing of the past! Zippy Shell Columbus are here to make your move enjoyable and easy! We work hard to ensure that no problem arises before, during and after the moving day! Let us help you with planning, packing and transporting your furniture wherever you are moving to in Ohio! Call us today to schedule a visit and let your moving dreams become a reality!
  • 5
    "a w."

    Dave Rothman and his team At ZippyShell/ZippyU are fantastic. He has great attention to detail and is extremely professional, kind, and reliable. His...

  • 1
    "Amy J."

    I am floored at the unprofessional, shady nature of my interactions with at least 5 employees of this company. I called nearly a month ago and talked to a...

  • 1
    "Taylor M."

    My friend had a contract with Zippy to have their items delivered to their new apartment within 7-10 days. After MANY phone calls with very few answers,...

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1299 Boltonfield St
Columbus, OH 43228

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